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  • Role: faculty
  • Organization: Green Valley High School
  • Position: Physics Teacher

Scott Panik Scott Physics Teacher Green Valley High School

  • Role: faculty
  • Organization: Stephenville High School
  • Position: Physics

Brian Salge MrSalge Physics Stephenville High School

  • Role: faculty
  • Organization: Columbus State University
  • Position: Professor of Physics

Kimberly Shaw KimShaw Professor of Physics Columbus State University

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Physics and Chemistry (It's All Relative)

A public shelf by Chris Villarosa

Random physics and chemistry-related stuff.


A public shelf by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

This shelf is designed for content pertaining to Biomechanics and the physics of how the body moves.


A public shelf by TheHubEDU


A public shelf by Brian Alford

Quantum Physics

A public shelf by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

Totally don't really understand most of this stuff, but love to read about it anyway.

Force Concept Map

A public shelf by Scottie Howell

A map that relates the laws of physics to force.


A public shelf by Marcus Stevens

R.S: Qualitative Biomechanics

A public shelf by Regina Snider

In class, we were talking about what an individual can do with biomechanics. One of the biggest topics highlighted were plans and joints. The link below shows applied biomechanics with running form...


A public shelf by Tristan Underwood

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Chemistry & Physics | Classroom Resources | PBS LearningMedia

Item added by Deborah Gober

Chemistry & Physics consists of two series teaching high school college preparatory chemistry and physics. Chemistry: A Study of Matter and Physics Fundamentals provides instructional content deliv...

Physics of sports

Item added by Cameron Chase

This article pertains to what we discussed in class by expanding upon the idea of Physics in sports. In class this week we learned about Newton's laws of Physics in relation to football. I found th...

Physics of Tumbling

Item added by Rivers McFadden

How the kinetic chain and physics work together to understand tumbling. This applies to what we talked about in class for the week before 9/1/17 because the article discusses the physics and kineti...

The Physics of Sports

Item added by Christie O'Neill

In this video, Olivia Myers explains the physics in various sports, including the long jump, baseball, basketball, tennis, etc. I thought this was an interesting video, because of what we were dis...

Newton's Three Laws of Physics in Action

Item added by Andrew Cho

This article explains the different ways that Newton's Laws of Physics are present in sports, in this case, specifically baseball. This article was one that stood out to me because as young adults,...

physics and sports. hub post #1

Item added by Kelly DeBella This video goes with the topic because it discusses the physics of sports and includes physics formulas and how they connect to how an athlete can apply...

The Physics of Throwing a Punch

Item added by Xavier Xaybanha

This is a cool video that shows a little bit about some laws of physics, including an example of a kinetic chain. More of the physics is in the second half of the video.

The Physics of Sports

Item added by roberto garcia

In this video, Olivia Myers explains the physics in various sports, including the long jump, baseball, basketball, tennis, etc. I thought this was an interesting video, because of what we were dis...

Physics of Ballistic Human Movement

Item added by Gabriel Portolese

This article goes into way more detail by explaining the physics of human ballistic movement. The article does this several ways such as using actual units of energy that go into human movements an...

Football Physics

Item added by Monze Gonzalez

This article is about how physics work in football. The articles breaks down the laws of motion and how they apply to the different aspects of the game. The author of the article shows how the foot...

Physics Classroom

Item added by Lynn Ramirez

This is a great website to go to for interactive exercises dealing with kinematics, Newton's laws, vectors motion and forces in two dimensions, and just about every other physics topic, you want to...

Greg Braden

Item added by Yazdan Ovissi

In this powerful interview with Greg Braden, some of the most fascinating ideas get explored. Greg brings forth the reality that our thoughts are indeed our reality. More specifically saying that e...

Physics of the soccer ball kick

Item added by Dylan Murphy

Thought this was kind of interesting! A little more physics based but still relative to the chapter since we just covered Newton's 3 laws :)

The Physics of Gymnastics

Item added by Adam Yukolis

I thought this article about the physics of gymnastics was a good example of what we have been learning in class this week. The article says the the hardest part of gymnastics is "dynamic stability...

The Physics Involved in Throwing a Discus

Item added by Fred Miller

This article takes an in-depth look at the physics behind one of the world's oldest sports, throwing a discus.

Wk 8- Physics of Sprinting

Item added by clayton gable

Neat little physics article about how runners can use sprinting to their advantage.

The Physics of Gymnastics

Item added by Ivan Soto-Martinez

Relevant to what we are learning in class because there is someone that explains process of calculating forces what physics that happens in gymnastics.

How High School Physics Can Help Us With Our Weightlifting | Breaking Muscle

Item added by Jacey Headley

I thought this article was quite interesting and relevant to what we covered in class this week because it is all about how balance affects weight lifting. Powerlifting has always interested me bec...

The Physics of the Fosbury Flop

Item added by MarquiseCard-Diallo

Describes the physics of why high jump is done backwards. This relates to class because it discusses the center of mass and how it relates to balance.

Basic Biomechanics: Newton's Laws of Motion

Item added by Elizabeth Coughlan

This article clearly defines Newton's laws of motion and describes how it applies to biomechanics, the physics of body movement. For each law, there is an example of common movements and actions th...

Physics of Dance

Item added by Kori Goodwin

This shows the physics of dance and how to maintain balance and stability.

Physics in sports

Item added by Devyn Kane

Physics is involved in every aspect of our lives. Especially in sport and improving performance.

Newtons Laws in Golf

Item added by Bolton Dauenhauer

Growing up I played golf very seriously so I came to understand how the physics of the game worked. Newton's first and second laws are found it just about every aspect of the game and the video lis...

Physics of Gymnastics

Item added by Samantha Zakrzewski

Applying physics to sports can sometimes be hard to figure out but if you break down each part into something much simpler it can be easier to understand.

Newton's Laws and Sports

Item added by Demri Toop This week we talked about the physics of how people move. Newton's Laws apply to sports and motion because they exp...

Newton's Laws of Motion Relating to Volleyball

Item added by Jackie DeJesus

This article talks about how Newton's Three Law's of Motion relate to the game of volleyball. In chapter 3, we learned about how Newton's Laws and physics explain why we have train, practice and pe...

Physics of Dance

Item added by Elise Ramsden

This Video shows how a dancer is able to pull of one of the hardest turning sequences in ballet using physics.

Physics Of Running

Item added by Paul Nash

This article describes the physics involved with running, such as Ground Reaction Force, which measures the amount of force created by the gravity, the body mass of the runner, and the surface the ...

Newton's Laws in Sport (Football)

Item added by Amelia Brady

This article by Khan Academy explains the physics of football. As we are talking about Newton's Laws of motion in class, this article provides in-depth explanations of the 3 laws of motion as well ...

Types of Forces In Sport

Item added by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

Professor talks about the types of forces that may act upon a ball, and how an athlete can use these forces to his/her advantage. Many of the forces are not covered in our textbook. Physics simpl...

Modernist Cuisine

Item added by Doris Piccinin

Nathan Myrovold has brought cooking to another level with his sophisticated quantum physics and equations to elevate cooking to a whole other level.

Julius Sumner Miller

Item added by Marcus Stevens

Physics Demonstrations

The Physics of Grass, Clay and Cement

Item added by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

Momentum in Physics

Item added by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

Simple with good examples.

MIT Open Course Physics

Item added by TheHubEDU

Force Concept Map

Item added by Scottie Howell

This relates the classical laws of physics to force and mass.

The Difference Between Scalar & Vector

Item added by LeeAnna McMullen

A fun and wonderful explanation of these two physics terms!

Items Tagged with "Physics"

Electron Appears Spherical

Item added by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

Web Exclusive: Quantum Weirdness?

Item added by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

So, it is all in my head!

Einstein's Lost Theorem Revealed

Item added by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

Very interesting and honestly much more comforting if true.

The Psychophysiology Of Anxiety: With A Review Of The

Item added by Jonathan Merrell

In a large study of normal volunteers, Funkenstein found epinephrine-like cardiovascular responses during acute fear and anxiety reactions to stress

Quantum Biology: Better Living Through Quantum Mechanics - The Nature of Reality

Item added by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

Ah the complexity of nature!

Comments Matching "Physics"

This is a great, informative article which ties biomechanics in with some of Newton's Laws of Physics to explain human movement and "force-time curves". It is extremely interesting to be able to u...

Comment on Biomechanical Force Production
posted by Derek Porter

I really enjoyed the portion of the article that discussed the influence of work and energy in pole vaulting. This related to what we were discussing in the class by expanding upon the idea of phys...

Comment on Physics of sports
posted by Cameron Chase

This video relates to what we are learning because it discusses the physics behind running. Running is an important movement for many exercises and sports. Kinesiology majors must understand the ph...

Comment on Newton's 3rd Law in Relation to Running
posted by Rivers McFadden

This is a very insightful article and as they explain his correlation to physics and basketball it is easy to see the similarities they share. This was a very applicable article to our discussions...

Comment on Newton's Law in Sports Article
posted by Clayton Schuler

This resource applies much of the laws of physics that we learned in class to a real-life situation. It is a great way to understand the laws of physics better if it was not understood in lecture. ...

Comment on Newton's Laws in Volleyball
posted by Eddie Garcia

This article talks in depth about the biomechanics involved with riding and balancing on a bike. It also discusses the physics involved with the same tasks. It is directly related to class becaus...

Comment on Biomechanics of Bike Riding
posted by Derek Porter

This video took a different way of explaining physics then we did in class it went more in depth and looking at sports in the mind of physics is interesting. I wonder if the vertical jump has diffe...

Comment on physics and sports. hub post #1
posted by Jenny Cruz

Physics can also give an athlete a better understanding of how they can improve on something and the easiest most efficient way to do so. Swimmers increase their speed by reducing any friction or d...

Comment on Physics in sports
posted by Tessa Jaynes

Great video! This directly related to what we were discussing in class this week because it talked about momentum and other aspects of physics in sports. My question is do you believe that when tra...

Comment on The Physics of Simone Biles
posted by Cameron Chase

I liked this video because I can relate to it. I was a competitive gymnast for a long time and listening to the physics of tumbling was quite enlightening and eye opening. Seeing how everything wor...

Comment on Physics of Tumbling
posted by Iris Psillos

This video relates to what we learned because it explains Newton's laws of Physics for sports. This explanation helps Kinesiology majors because the major deals with sports and movement, thus it ma...

Comment on Newtons Law of motion
posted by Rivers McFadden

This video is relevant to our class in that movement itself is based upon physics, it is what allows us to move the way we do. I personally was confused with the third law, but this video helped me...

Comment on Newton's Laws: Crash Course Physics #5 - YouTube
posted by Lindsey Gass

This is a very good article relating football to Newton's laws of physics. This article does a good job at explaining the effects of impacts to the brain in football and explaining the physics aspe...

Comment on Football and Damage
posted by Adrian Pluma

I think what is going to make this truly interesting is the idea that basically physics (the angles at which the myosin pulls on the actin) is going to become even more relevant in understanding mu...

This relates the classical laws of physics to force and mass along with other variables.

Comment on Force Concept Map
posted by Scottie Howell

This really helps explain some biomechanical "talk." And it's just crazy awesome to watch due to the smooth motions and physics of it all!

Comment on Gymnastics Kinematics
posted by Tom Dahlinghaus

In the sport of tennis the biomechanics of the sport can change a lot depending on the surface that is played. In “The Physics of Grass, Clay, and Cement” this concept is discussed and analyzed. Wi...

Comment on The Physics of Grass, Clay and Cement
posted by Kethan Darbar

Really cool site that goes in a little more depth about the physics behind acceleration. Good visuals to break down exactly what you're looking at!

Comment on Physics of Acceleration
posted by Brian Fox

Just like this article title states, it offers a simple introduction into Newton's Laws of Physics, which I found really helpful for that section of our course. I know we all learned it at some poi...

Comment on Newton's Laws of Motion
posted by Christina Kassel

Some studies have concluded that muscle soreness is greater with eccentric muscle contractions. The authors of this study wanted to prove why they believe that to be true. It was interesting for me...

The average person does not consider the physics that are in every movement that we make. This is a link to different sports articles on acceleration, speed, and velocity.

Comment on Acceleration
posted by Patti Cochran

Physics professor discussing simply biomechanics in figure skating.

Comment on Biomechanics in Figure Skating
posted by Patti Cochran

Here is a brief video trying to explain the concepts of speed, velocity, and acceleration. I found this very helpful as reading the text material was overwhelming and complex to understand at times...

posted by Ashley Ritchey

I think this article perfectly relates to what we have been talking about in class. You can easily see how basketball uses Newton's 3 laws of physics.

Comment on Newton's Law in Sports Article
posted by Madeline Michaud

I like this article because it's relating physics with a non-contact sport that doesn't use much oppossing force other than gravity.

Comment on Newton's first law
posted by Madeline Michaud

I enjoyed this video very much! It helped me understand Newton's Laws by explaining how they work in sports, and now I can play a sport knowing the physics behind it.

Comment on Newton's Laws Related to Sports
posted by Gary Justin Petretto

This article talks about the biomechanics of the triple jump event in tack & field. It talks about how triple jumpers utilize certain arm swing and footwork techniques to maximize their performanc...

Comment on Biomechanics in the Olympics
posted by Derek Porter

I found this article to be super interesting after our talks about forces. I really enjoyed the section of the article where they spoke about how runners have been able to use gravity to their adva...

Comment on Wk 8- Physics of Sprinting
posted by clayton gable

This is an awesome way to demonstrate the physics behind the movement. Just like in our chapter, it explained how inertia would increase if a baseball player's arm stayed straight throughout the th...

Athleticism is necessary for athletes to succeed in any sport. However it is usually not enough, for most athletes they have to work hard to improve their speed, strength and agility. In order to d...

Comment on Physics in sports
posted by Devyn Kane

The physics explained in this video on how to ride a bike is exactly what we were talking about in class. Even in the chapter, it discusses the use of force that allow us to move around. For exampl...

This video explains Newton's laws of physics in an easy and understandable way. This is also very relevant to the course.

Comment on Newtons 3 laws of motion
posted by Edward McCorkle

Very interesting, I didn't know there was that much physics involved in basketball!

Comment on Principles of Motion and Stability
posted by Lisa Holeman

This was an appropriate topic for this week because Newtons 3 laws of physics was a relevant topic we discussed in class and this video goes in depth in describing these laws. The video has some in...

Comment on Newton´s laws of motion in Sports
posted by Osbaldo Mejia

This article is great because it reiterates what was taught in class. It explains how we can increase our center of gravity and increase balance in order to properly life the weights. This article ...

This video gave me a better understanding of what a gymnast needs to do in order to prepare for their events, the physics that involve the sport are awesome.

Comment on The Physics of Gymnastics
posted by Yadira Solis

This is a great video. I love how it shows how all three of Newton's laws are used in the sport of baseball, yet also goes deeper, including what the law states and the physics behind it. Overall r...

Comment on Untitled
posted by Josh Grote

There is a lot of physics found through the entire rowing stroke, All of newtons laws of motion pertain to rowing in some way. I believe this is important specifically to me because it helps me und...

Comment on Basic Physics of Rowing
posted by Alexis Winnett

I think softball and the physics behind it are very much relevant to Newton's laws of motion. This poses the question: does a baseball player use the same kinetic chain in swinging with a bat as a ...

Comment on Newton's Laws of Motion in Softball
posted by Izabel Stofle

This video goes over the concepts of Newton's laws of motion. They do go over more in depth on Newton's equations that might not be necessary for this class, but is still a good source of info if y...

Comment on Crash Course on Newton's laws of motion
posted by Alan Quinonez