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Religion & Spirituality

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What are your beliefs?!

Extended Essay

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Texts on religion and its impact on society

Philosophy - Religion

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Totally should have majored in one of these as an undergrad.

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Columbus, Church, and Slave Religion

Item added by Kathleen Ortega

Slave religion is described as what grew out of master-taught religion; a shift in perspective/interpretation of The Bible opened the idea of God and Jesus to be all-loving as opposed to slave-enjo...

Difference Between Religion and Spirituality

Item added by Dylan Pettit

Religion and spirituality are commonly interchanged without actually knowing the difference and if a difference even exists. Religion is belief in a higher power while spirituality is the belief wi...


Item added by Charles Peters

I am very intrigued by all religions. I, however, affiliate myself with the christian religion.

Religious Freedom and Gay Rights

Item added by Cheyenne Basher

This relates to what we talked about in class because this shows a lack of compassion and care for those who are homosexual. I dont understand how religion and homosexuality cant coexist. If your r...

DISTORTION of Islam by Muslim Extremists: EBSCOhost

Item added by Allison Sluzynski

distortion of a normally peaceful religion by extremists

Religion | Psychology Today

Item added by TheHubEDU

The Relationship between Religiosity, PTSD, and Depressive Symptoms in Vete...: EBSCOhost

Item added by Kaelamae Topham

Studies of how religion connects with PTSD

"Columbus, the Church, and Slave Religion"

Item added by Kathleen Ortega

Religion and lgbt

Item added by Rula Al Mukhtar

Religion: Ramadan

Item added by Breaunna Napier

With Islam

Religion: Simple

Item added by Breaunna Napier

Influences from birth

Inspirational Quotes

Item added by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

"Its the questions we can't answer that teach us the most. They teach us how to think. If you give a man an answer, all he gains is a little fact. But give him a question and he'll look for his own...

Required reading: 10 books on sexualized violence, gender, and war

Item added by Alexandra McMullin

Developing a full understanding of how sexualized violence plays out around the globe requires a lot of context. At its most basic, the issue is already a difficult one to comprehend, but when it h...

Homeless mother in a church

Item added by Ashlie Jimenez

how religion led many voulunteers to help the homeless mothers in this church especifically and how helped was recieved

Love is all you need

Item added by Kayla Smith

I chose this article because in class we watched a video about love and how it affects our heath and brain. I liked this article because it related to the video we watched and I think that it is im...

Sexual Orientation discrimination

Item added by Stephanie Winchell

I thought this was interesting because it ties into what was our reflection topic this week. It is crazy to me that there still has to be a bill to pass anti-discrimination laws, especially when we...

Dietary Choices

Item added by Nick Chambard

These choices sometimes have complications and limitations based on your culture, medical allowance, religion, finances, and availablity.

Religion in Kurdistan

Item added by D. Zevi Altus

First Hint of 'Life after Death'

Item added by Belen Barton

A study measured over 2,000 people to see what they experienced after they were officially dead. They talked to people from over 15 different hospitals in the US, UK and Austria. What they found wa...

Cultural aspects of death and dying

Item added by Elizabeth Chubb

This describes how cultures deal with death and dying and what role religion plays in this

Avoidance of Spiritual Struggles Leads to Poor Mental Health

Item added by Rachael Snyder

This article discusses how people who are more spiritual are able to discuss and internalize the "big questions" in life. It relates to our class topic through the dimensions of psychological healt...


Item added by Victoria Eke

In class this week we learned about social constructs, including religion, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic groups etc., in this video it shares the many social constraints we go through as society a...

Social and Cultural Influences

Item added by Sarah Wehrer

This relates to what we learned in class because we talked about social and cultural Influences on participation, but more specifically in sports participation. This video talks about how we have m...

Social and Cultural Influences

Item added by Haylee Reynolds

This relates to what we learned in class because we talked about social and cultural Influences on participation, but more specifically in sports participation. This video talks about how we have m...


Item added by Sandra Alejandre

It is important to know how far we have come to have equal rights for the LGBTQ people, although they are still not fully in equality. Just recently in 2016, 20 states banned the discrimination ba...

Sociocultural influences

Item added by Averly Gerber

This video pertains to what was discussed in class because we went over some sociocultural elements that might influence sport participation. This video goes more in depth on sociocultural elements...

culture and social development

Item added by Alyssa Beck

This article talks about some of the influences that sociocultural differences can make depending on where you are and what culture you are immersed in. It is specifically important to also analyze...


Item added by Payton Wofford

History of anti-vaccinations through different countries, military, religion, etc.

Items Tagged with "Religion" — History Made Every Day — American & World History

Item added by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

Some great programming on this channel!

Mankind: The Story of all of us

Item added by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

Very informative!

10 Reasons Why We Don't Need GMO Food

Item added by ShuangLiang

Go Social Studies Go

Item added by TheHubEdu Demo

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Nice video! Very informative in regard to the topics we discussed in class this past week. This video gave me a better insight to the choices I should and should not be making in my dietary restric...

Comment on 4 Myths about Nutrition
posted by Kristen Reed

Another excellent book. Admittedly it takes a long time to read. It's a history book...very thorough and a necessity if you want to better understand the role religion does or doesn't play in both ...

Comment on Karen Armstrong: Fields of Blood
posted by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

In class we discussed the primary reasoning behind obesity, which was lack of exercise and poor diet. Another important factor for obesity we talked about is the environment, which can be a number ...

Comment on Obesogens: the Environmental Link to Obesity
posted by Alex Urbina

This article came up when I searched Death anxiety at WSU Libraries. I do not push religion on others because I am not very religious myself. However, I do LOVE listening to christian radio and enj...

Comment on Listening to Religious Music and Mental Health in Later Life
posted by Bogdan Goncharuk

Stem cell therapy may never exist as we believe it can, because of the link between politics and religion. At one point we learned there was a separation between church and state in US history, but...

"Tough Guise" examines the relationship between pop-cultural imagery and the social construction of masculinity, similarly discussed in the TEDx Talk above. The traditional view of masculinity is t...

Comment on Redefining Masculinity
posted by Caitlin Lu

wow. all i can respond to this article is wow. So many valid points are brought up by the author of this article. I cannot tell you the number of times, i have thought about the fact I am truly sca...

Comment on Week 13 Post 2
posted by Carly Estes

This article shows the connection between life and death. If you are living a full life, death should not be something to fear. This article also demonstrates how religion and spiritual factors can...

Comment on The Meaning of Life and Death
posted by Kendyl Van Hout

Something that we talked about in class is that when preparing for death this often means fixing and mending relationships, looking back at their memories, and enjoying their last moments. The arti...

Comment on Acceptance of Death and Dying
posted by Torri Pownall

This talks about what we discussed on class on countries and death. In America our country looks at death as such a negative thing. However, in other countries death is celebrated in different ways...

Comment on Celebrating Death
posted by Ann Dillard

I like that the video points out and describes all of the ways we are influenced. I think a lot of people don't realize exactly how each part of their lives can effect the others, especially when i...

Comment on Social and Cultural Influences
posted by Campbell Friend

I think this pertains directly to our talk about vaccinations this week. We debated the pros and cons of receiving vaccinations, but many don't know how they work, and how they could harm us. We ex...

Comment on How vaccinations actually work
posted by Owen Leonard

This article is appropriate for the week because it relates to the content of describing what cultural and social influences have an impact on child development. The article goes into detail about ...

Comment on Social and Cultural constraints in Motor Development
posted by Morgan Britton

This article was extremely helpful on giving us information about sociology in sport. It gave a huge range on it too, all the way down the the religion like you said, it is a very interesting read ...

Comment on Sports and Sociology
posted by Cat Laudadio