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  • Role: faculty
  • Organization: Penn State University
  • Position: Adjunct Instructor of Statistics

John Haubrick jhaub Adjunct Instructor of Statistics Penn State University

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Research and Statistics

A public shelf by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

Some basic sites to help better understand research, statistics and statistical analysis.

Research and Statistics

A public shelf by Nathaniel Gordon - CPT, PES, CES, FMSC, USAW L2, FNS

General topics relating to research and statistics

James E. Osler II, Ed.D.: Research Publications

A public shelf by James Osler

This folder contains the in-depth research I've conducted as a professor in higher education. The research contained within are on a variety of subjects including (but not limited to): mathematics...

Alzheimer's (Motor Learning)

A public shelf by Warren Chen

Alzheimer's affects 10 million baby boomers in the United States alone, but don't think that it only affects senior citizens. In fact, up to 5 percent of those affected have early onset Alzheimer'...


A public shelf by Gunta Ledina


A public shelf by Andy Black

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United Nations Environmental Statistics

Item added by Michelle Thompson

This is the UN's site where they report environmental statistics and how their methodology. These statistics include individual country statistics, including air and climate, waste, and energy.

Intersex "statistics"

Item added by Joey Copeland

This short site shows numbers and percentages of how common interest is, as well as other genitalia abnormalities. The statistics supposedly show that one in 1,666 births there is a person without ...

statistics on domestic violence

Item added by Austin Buth

This article talks about some statistics about domestic violence rates. This relates to what we talked about in class because we talked about forms of domestic violence and how it happens. I though...

Cancer Statistics

Item added by Jacob Greenwood

Cancer statistics describe what happens in large groups of people and provide a picture in time of the burden of cancer on society. Statistics tell us things such as how many people are diagnosed w...

CVD statistics

Item added by Skyla Stifter

I chose this article to relate when we talked about CVD and how it can effect different people and how it is more common in different ethnicity's. 1 in every 4 deaths in the US is caused from CVD. ...

Obesity Statistics

Item added by gina koopmans

I liked reading this website because it gave me real statistics about the prevalence of obesity in childhood/adolescent, and adults alike. It also defined what the actual numbers were that defined ...

Anxiety Statistics

Item added by Amanda Chamberlin

I think it is interesting to look at statistics and how different disorders affect society. I found this information to be shocking as way more people have anxiety than I expected. It shocked me th...


Item added by Mackenzie Brand

This article gives statistics of obesity in the U.S.

Serial Killer Statistics

Item added by Lexy Anderson

List of All Statistics for Serial Killers


Item added by Nkem Abojeh

Prior to reading this week's lecture and watching the documentary "Fed up" I have always known that too much sugar is bad for the body. The funny thing about sugar, is that, in our society most of...

Cost of hyponatremia

Item added by Gunta Ledina

Some statistics about hyponatremia. I've been looking for statistics on how many people suffer from hyponatreamia as it might give a better feel about how serious it is. 1.1-2.1% of population does...

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Item added by Nick Kronebusch

The Bureau of Labor Statistics will help you find the information about each career you research during your 6 week class. You can search in the right corner of the website

The Effects of Stress on your Body

Item added by Luke Childs

In lecture this week, we learned that there are two types of stress; Eustress and Distress. This article specifically picked on the Distress side of every day stress and explained how our bodies re...

Cancer-Rogue Cells

Item added by Molly Stuller

This article gives some basic statistics regarding cancer incidence and mortality rates. I found it interesting that some of the statistics provided from National Geographic (a fairly reputable sou...

Violence in the United States

Item added by Josh Edwards

This post is about the statistics in the United States regarding violence. The statistics show different age ranges, types of violence and how they have been changing from year to year. This is a b...

Pet Statistics | ASPCA

Item added by Brittany Mayo

Good statistics on homeless animals in the U.S.

Normal Sexual Behavior

Item added by Stephanie Winchell

I think that they whole essence of the article is what we talked about this week in lecture. I was interesting to see statistics for not just college students but also adults. What I really liked w...

ACEs Statistics

Item added by Nancy Miller

On the CDC website there is a lot of information you can find about ACEs. But I liked this page because it showed some statistics and demographics about who ACEs affects. It also has the ACEs test ...

(No) Condom Culture: Why Teens Aren’t Practicing Safe Sex

Item added by Joseph Rosenstein

This article covers statistics about how many teens are using condoms or having protected sex. In the 1990's, condom usage peaked at 60% but has been unable to climb higher since, and has even drop...

Sexual Motivations and Engagement in Sexual Behavior During the Transition to College

Item added by Joseph Rosenstein

This article/study goes over statistics and motivations of sex in early college transitional years. It states that sexual behavior naturally increases from the start of college to six months in. I ...

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Statistics

Item added by Michelle Thompson

The NCADV has provided statistics on the frequency of domestic violence, rape, stalking, homicide, and other topics. Both women and men are about equally likely to suffer from physical violence fro...

Overweight and Obesity Statistics

Item added by Chris Hastings

This website provides a lot of facts about overweight individuals and obesity in the United States. This website aims to inform the public about the commonality of these issues and the dangers of i...

Trees and Your Environment

Item added by Joseph Rosenstein

This is a website page that denotes the exact statistics of how trees help us breath and reduce the greenhouse effect. It talks on direct statistics from trusted sources on how big the U.S. tree sy...

The Effects of Stress on your Body

Item added by Ann Dillard

In lecture this week, we learned that there are two types of stress; Eustress and Distress. This article specifically picked on the Distress side of every day stress and explained how our bodies re...

Overweight & Obesity Statistics

Item added by Amanda Chamberlin

I found this article to go well with what we discussed in class about obesity. This article is super interesting as it has some more statistics on obesity. In the article it has a chart that compar...

Overweight & Obesity Statistics

Item added by Cheyenne Wong

I found this article to go well with what we discussed in class about obesity. This article is super interesting as it has some more statistics on obesity. In the article it has a chart that compar...

Overweight & Obesity Statistics

Item added by Theresa Nguyen

In this week's lecture, we discussed the topic of overweight and obesity. I found this article that lays out statistics in the United States of those that are overwewight and/or Obese.

Obesity: Facts and Statistics

Item added by Aurelie Delafosse

This article talks about all of the facts and statistics of obesity. It is honestly very sad to see how prevalent obesity is in the United States.

Chronic Disease Statistics

Item added by Gretchen Stolte

This government website (the Center for Disease Control and Prevention) provides recent statistics on a wide variety of chronic diseases.

Almost Every Egyptian Woman Is Subjected to Sexual Harrasment

Item added by Madi Frazee

This article goes into depth on the huge epidemic that is found in Egypt in regards to violence against women. This article gives statistics that make you jump out of your sit, such as 99% of women...

Chronic Disease Stats

Item added by Kayla Armstrong

This article provides more detailed statistics on the chronic diseases that are prevalent in the United States. It also breaks down the costs of chronic diseases in the United States by looking at ...

200 Countries, 200 years, 4 minutes

Item added by June Kloubec

Hans Rosling show the joy of health statistics

200 Countries, 200 years, 4 minutes

Item added by Doris Piccinin

Hans Rosling show the joy of health statistics

Outlook for dietitians

Item added by Doris Piccinin

Every year, the bureau of labor statistics publishes data on average income for careers. There is 20% expected growth in the profession. According to the Academy, we will not meet the demand for di...

Items Tagged with "Statistics"

This Is the Equation for Happiness | TIME

Item added by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

Expectations, expectations, expectations!

Own your body's data

Item added by Natascha Trittis

The Necessity For Microloans in Rural China

Item added by Sarah Bogaert

I found this article while researching the need for microloans in developing countries. I had studied the Grameen Bank Programs in India and was intrigued that its majority were businesswomen. So, ...

If you eat food, watch this.

Item added by Darian Hawke

Amazing TED talk on what we are putting into our bodies. Highly recommended for anyone and EVERYONE who eats food. Period. 20 min that just may change your life.

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This is an interesting take on statistics and the underlying assumptions made by many. While it can be easy for people to bag on statistics as "made up," it is very possible for people to accuratel...

Comment on Planet Money Podcast: The Experiment Experiment
posted by Austin Almand

This article describes cancer in the United States and offers statistics showing up how many new people are diagnosed with and will die from cancer each year and even offers a prediction of how man...

Comment on Cancer Statistics
posted by Jacob Greenwood

I think this article makes it seem as though NCAA athletes are better than they seem. Like Dr. Reiss said in class, many athletes will say they do not use certain things and still use them. I reall...

Comment on NCAA Substance Abuse
posted by Marika Yaplee

This is a really good post as it comes from an actual research brief. It is relevant to what we have been learning in class as it talks directly about the ACES we have learned about including divor...

Comment on Adverse Childhood Experiences trends
posted by John Kellan Sullivan

This link about cardiovascular disease (CVD) is directly relatable to the topic of chronic diseases this week in lecture, as it is the most prevalent chronic disease and number 1 killer. This websi...

Comment on Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)
posted by Sofia Pacheco-Perl

in my opinion the most interesting thing that I found in this article is all the statistics they found for the adverse childhood experiences and what they are doing to address the problem based on ...

Comment on Adverse Childhood Experiences
posted by Troy Holloway-Beach

Today sports and overall athletics studies relay on performance statistics, such as number of kicks, number of tackles etc. These data contain a diversity of variables an conditions that can affec...

This source strongly pertains to the course topic of congenital defects that we have been discussing in class this week. The source not only states the statistics for each congenital defect, but al...

Comment on Statistics for congenital defects
posted by Avery Vander Veen

And is the series "Ancient Aliens"? Really like that show. Not as far fetched as you might imagine if you just apply some basic logic and statistics to the universe.

Comment on DNA coding theories
posted by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

Not all of these facts were surprising to me, except I had no idea that arthritis is the number one cause of disability. I like this article and it gives good statistics in my opinion.

Comment on Prevention
posted by Maddie Chamberlin

This was a really interesting video. It referred to some of the things we spoke of in class but it was also very interesting to learn how the tumor develops and grows in the body. The statistics at...

Comment on What is Cancer
posted by Mariah O'Neil

Hearing all of the statistics is scary. I have a friend who suffered with self-esteem and it resulted in anorexia. She wouldn't eat and instead would run on average ten miles a day. Her brothers we...

I definiltey agree, I appreciate the way chris paul leads because he does lead by example, and when he struggles he is the first to admit and man up to his mistakes. By him being renowned as the be...

Comment on Chris Paul's leadership pressure
posted by emerson murray

This topic is a topic that is current and a future topic for my course because it discusses the plight of our children. It gives statistics about children not participating in gym class. This is ...

Exercise is the best type of medicine for our bodies to improve its daily functions. Eating healthy, and sleeping is of course ahead of exercise, but its right behind them. The statistics in this s...

Comment on Exercise is Medicine
posted by Daniel McIntosh

It probably did work, but of course those that chose not to smoke or drink aren't included in any statistics!!

Comment on Fear based advertising for kids
posted by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

Yes I did see that movie, good recall! This does present an interesting thought experiment on programing rationality versus moral reasoning. It may be rational to save a child that runs into the st...

The link takes you to a short article that is packed with alarming statistics about the state of our nation's nutrition status, physical activity levels, and obesity rates. It is a part of their "...

Comment on Nutrition, Physical Activity, & Obesity
posted by Jason Gay

In class this week, we discussed a lot about STI's. One that we didn't get to cover a lot was HSV. This article was published on oct 28,2015 so this information is very new. It is recorded that ...

Comment on 2/3 US Population has Herpes1
posted by Evert Chung

This is a great peer reviewed article explaining gender labeling. It uses statistics to back up how gender labeling can occur at a very early age.

Comment on Gender Labeling in Infancy
posted by Alex Jeric

I really like this article and how it talks about a different perspective with the juvenile justice system. Very interesting information and statistics!

Comment on ACE in The Juvenile Justice System
posted by Jillian Walkowski

This article was really interesting, and did a great job in describing ACE and how it has effected juvenile girls, and the justice system. On top of that, the charted picture broke down the statist...

Comment on ACE in The Juvenile Justice System
posted by Savanah de La Combe

As we discussed chronic disease and the fact they are the leading cause of death in the US I looked up statistics about them and found this article. In 2012 over 117 million people had had at least...

Comment on Chronic Disease Overview: Prevention and Health Promotion
posted by Taylor Heppner

A great educational article full of visual statistics of how stress effects us. Emphasizes the importance of emotional support from peers.

Comment on Untitled
posted by Nicholas Bowe

This article is relevant because it focuses on how the consumption of coffee can reduce the potential cirrhosis of the liver. This article took statistics from nine other studies and determined tha...

Comment on Liver Health
posted by Mark Cooper

I think this appropriate for what we talked about this week because it discusses social constraints based a lot on physical characteristics. It makes me wonder what the statistics are for girls par...

Seeing as we just heard about the law being passed not allowing people to investigate the way animals are being treated makes me worry that articles like this will not be coming out as much. I wor...

Comment on PETA
posted by Ashley Snyder

This week is relevant to this weeks lecture because we talked about how exercise can limit obesity. This article focuses more on the affects of obesity and the rates its affecting people. One quest...

Comment on Obesity Among Older Americans
posted by Megan Lee

I really enjoyed reading this article! It has a lot of information on what we have discussed throughout this past week, but it goes into even more detail. I thought the statistics on the strength t...

Comment on Strength Training for Kids
posted by Grace Taylor

Interesting to read statistics about how not only our nation but all nations are significantly declining in children's health. Nice to not just here when we were kids we had to do this and that, b...

I love statistics with visual graphs because they really put things into a perspective for the average individual. This epidemic is one of the hardest to break down and diminish because the majorit...

Comment on Epidemic of Prescription Drug Abuse
posted by Nicholas Bowe

Another great article of statistics revolving chronic diseases, what cause them, health factors, ways to assess these factors, and chronic illnesses. I love these types of articles because they rea...

Comment on Major Cause of Disabilities and Death: Chronic Illness
posted by Nicholas Bowe

This content provides valuable information for possible symptoms to look carefully at. This article provides statistics that give the article more credibility.

Comment on child development warning signs
posted by Hector Pena

This article on a study of fetal alcohol syndrome emphasizes how risky it is to drink while pregnant. It gives specific statistics and examples of the risks that are associated with this syndrome is.

This week we learned about Addiction.It is important to understand that there are my factors to consider when looking at addiction. This short article gives facts and statistics about alcohol and d...

Comment on Know the Facts
posted by Ilisha Badua

This week we also learned about the Cardiovascular system. It was interesting to learn that CVD is becoming the leading cause of deaths compared to the the next three leading causes of death. This...

Comment on CVD - Statistics
posted by Ilisha Badua

This website provides great information about rotator cuff injuries including signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. The statistics show how common a problem this is and education is vitally...

Comment on Week 3 Upper Extermity- Rotator Cuff Injuries
posted by Ashley Ritchey

This article pertains to what we talked about this week in depression. How depression can be a huge influence for someone to commit suicide. This is important for me to post because friends and fam...

Comment on The Origins of Suicidal Brains
posted by Isaac Mitz

This was a very interesting article pertaining to this weeks class and I liked how it talked about the statistics of 4-5 percent of birth defects are caused by teratogens.

This article is definitely a great example of how extrinsic factors can affect the development of the fetus. Not only does it talk about the symptoms of FAC, what defects it causes and what it is, ...

Comment on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
posted by Alexis Kirk