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Some great programming on this channel!

Mankind: The Story of all of us

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Very informative!

Archeology Online

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Digging Digitally

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Jamestown Rediscovery Project

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Petra: Lost City of Stone

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Nature: Prehistoric Life

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Archeology Magazine

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NPS: Archeology

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The Archeology Channel

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PBS: Archeology

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6,200-year-old parasite egg

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"Get 1000 free online courses from the world’s leading universities — Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford and more. You can download these audio & video courses (often from iTunes, YouT...

Aerial laser discovers ancient Roman gold mines

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Researchers in Spain have used sophisticated aerial laser technology to confirm the existence of ancient Roman gold mines. The team from the University of Salamanca discovered the mines in the p...

old board games

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why medieval Europeans liked board games

What children think, feel and know about throwing overhand.

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This study was conducted to see how children taught different ways to throw, felt about their experience. Also what they liked and disliked about how they were taught, and how important they though...


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An article about green house gasses from the EIA, the governmental agency referenced in the Gaiam article posted. I wanted to compare the two agencies data. I feel that the two government agencies ...

Difference between Health & Wellness

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In addition you must explain how that content you posted pertains to what we discussed in class: During the first week of class, we discussed the differences between health and wellness. This art...

Target Heart Rates

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Practicing finding resting and post-exercise heart rates in lab this week inspired me to post this article on target heart rates.

Cancer Risk Factors

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Epigenetics, What are they?

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Healthy Relationships

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This site talks about what it means to be in a healthy relationship. Unfortunately there are many out there that are unhealthy (I'd know from experience), so it's nice to have these resources to he...

Gender Stereotypes

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This article provides some common gender stereotypes experienced by males and females. It relates to what we discussed in class and the TED talk we watched.

Turnout for Dancers-Pelvic Rotation

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the perfect turnout is a dancers dream but not everyone is able to attain it due to their anatomy and the way they were built. However, some stretches and strengthening exercises can help.