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Cosmic Recipe for Earthlings |

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This is pretty interesting.

As People Live Longer, Threats to Wildlife Increase: Scientific American

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How deep is your footprint?

Salt-Water Fish Extinction Seen By 2048 - CBS News

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NASA: Visible Earth

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Atmospheric Movement of Microorganisms in Clouds of Desert Dust and Implications for Human Health

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Welcome to Aerobiology and Aeroecology.

Antarctic ice at record-high growth, Arctic continues to lose -

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Antarctica gained 7.6 million square miles of sea ice this southern winter, according to The National Snow and Ice Data Center, while sea ice in its northern counterpart continues to shrink

Chasing Ice - Largest Glacier Calving Ever Filmed

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The Weight of Mountains

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Common Back Injuries

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This site covers common back injuries involved with sports activities.

If you eat food, watch this.

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Amazing TED talk on what we are putting into our bodies. Highly recommended for anyone and EVERYONE who eats food. Period. 20 min that just may change your life.

Have We Found Alien Life? | Popular Science

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This breaks all the rules, perhaps it is time to rewrite the rulebook.

Biology | Khan Academy

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Ask Anything: Do Plants Get Cancer? | Popular Science

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What children think, feel and know about throwing overhand.

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This study was conducted to see how children taught different ways to throw, felt about their experience. Also what they liked and disliked about how they were taught, and how important they though...

How Does Your Carbon Footprint Impact Climate Change

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Everyone has an impact on the environment whether is be positive or negative. Ones carbon footprint can depend on quite a few things such as electric energy to recycling. This article discusses the...

Enviormental Issues

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With every issue there is a concern and environmental issues come with many concerns. This article covers the concerns and the possible solutions to each environmental issue we are facing in the wo...

Common Back Injuries

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This site covers common back injuries involved with sports activities.

Before the Flood

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How global warming works

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Here's a great visual showing exactly how the greenhouse gas effects our planet causing it to warm!

What you can do to help with Global Warming

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Here's an article giving several different (but manageable) ways to help reduce green house gas emissions.

Wolff's Law

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Juluis Wolff, who was a German anatomist, developed a theory that stated a bone in a body would eventually adapt to the loads of pressure it is placed under.

Humans: the real threat to life on earth

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This article discusses the impact that humans have upon this earth and its well being. In class we discussed how everything is connected, if something falls it will negatively effect something else...

Muscular Dystrophy

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Bryan Arnold is in his junior year of high school and he produced this video to educate people about his degenerative disease, (DMD) Duchenne muscular dystrophy. He explains the mental and physical...

Just 90 companies caused two-thirds of man made global warming

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I chose this because we are talking about the environment this week and had to watch the documentary on carbon footprints, so i thought this article would go along with it good. It talks about hot ...

Possible Solution to plastics?

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This article ties in with the lesson of violence that we have placed on this world and a way they might have found to solve the major problem we are having with the plastic islands that have been d...

Turnout for Dancers-Pelvic Rotation

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the perfect turnout is a dancers dream but not everyone is able to attain it due to their anatomy and the way they were built. However, some stretches and strengthening exercises can help.

Kinesiology in Driving

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The focus and purpose of the research and work conducted on this website is to show that the elderly can still drive but they should be tested on their motor skills first. There is a very high risk...

Ecological Perspective

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This talks about a perspective in which the environment and genetics intertwine together in order to create a balance between nature and nurture. I believe this perspective is the most reasonable b...