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  • Role: Student
  • Organization: University of Arizona
  • Position: Grad in MENA and Journalism

Jennifer Hijazi jhijazi Grad in MENA and Journalism University of Arizona

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Journalism Info.

A public shelf by Alexandra McMullin

Everything Journalism


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Documents about convergence in journalism. Info, papers, systems.

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Call for Research Applications – Spring 2015

Item added by Alexandra McMullin

We are pleased to announce a call for applications for research fellowships to lead and oversee research in these areas. Research fellows will occupy full-time positions with the Tow Center, and di...

Solutions Journalism Network

Item added by Maria Rebecchi

Maureen Agena

Item added by Revi Sterling

The Citizen Journalist I write about Technology for Development, Gender issues especially those that focus on Women: Health, Agriculture, Education. I also put my Citizen Journalism training to wo...

Journalism code of ethics

Item added by Kathy Roulston

Rudaw careers

Item added by Alexandra McMullin

Journalism careers opportunities.

New York Times Posts Major Federal Climate Change Report Before Trump and Pruitt Can Cook the Books [Updated]

Item added by Michael Finch

Glad that we have journalism to keep the truth out there.

Joe Rogan on GamerGate

Item added by Javad Bakhshinejad

GamerGate is conundrum that happened several years back. This included paid off journalism and sexism in video games.

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Go Into The Story - Filmmaking blog

Item added by Brian Alford

Documentary and Collaboration

Item added by Scott Macklin

Coffman, Elizabeth (2009) Documentary and Collaboration: Placing the Camera in the Community. Journal of Film and Video 61(1) pp. 62-78

Medieval helpdesk

Item added by Scott Macklin

TEDx Seattle Convening Community through Story

Item added by Scott Macklin

Convening Community through Stories

Pixar and Creativity

Item added by Hanson Hosein

Considering the book as required reading for the program.

McKinsey Digital Report

Item added by Hanson Hosein


Item added by International Professors

"Get 1000 free online courses from the world’s leading universities — Stanford, Yale, MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Oxford and more. You can download these audio & video courses (often from iTunes, YouT...

what corperations can do about homelesness

Item added by tanner fortgang

Using Fan Fiction to Teach Critical Reading and Writing Skills

Item added by Kathryn VanSlyke

Short article discussing the use of fan fiction in middle school along with a brief history of fan fiction and different lessons to be learned from it.

Mass Media in Shaping 2nd Wave Feminism

Item added by Ember Smith

New Telecom Startup Makes Big Money For Investors

Item added by Sarah Bogaert

My second article is much smaller. Although it is not rich with detail, it does discuss a new tech start up with a rather impressive ripple made in the telecommunications field. Telnyx, a virtual c...

Respect in Sports

Item added by Gus Arroyo

Norms in sports. Is respect towards your opponents connected to your attitude towards the game?

Den of Geek

Item added by Xavier Morett

Disney Renaissance by Film

Item added by Xavier Morett

Rochester Institute of Technology's analysis of the films of the Disney renaissance by film.

Wheaton Symphony Orchestra- Disney Music

Item added by Xavier Morett

The Wheaton Symphony Orchestra explores the musical talents behind several films of the Disney renaissance and their musical composers.

Haylee Wall

Item added by Angelique Callicoat

Solving Crimes on Pinterest. You might find this interesting. Short NPR article.

How Broadway helped animate Disney

Item added by Xavier Morett

How Broadway Musicals helped Disney to succeed during the Renaissance era.

Ranking: The Disney Renaissance From Worst to Best | Consequence of Sound

Item added by Xavier Morett

Descriptions of what worked for each film of the Disney Renaissance.

Songwriters Hall of Fame - Alan Menken Biography

Item added by Xavier Morett

Info. on one of the musical composers of the Disney Renaissance.


Item added by Xavier Morett

More on Alan Menken

FILM; For Alan Menken, A Partnership Ends But the Song Plays On - New York Times

Item added by Xavier Morett

The partnership between Menken and Ashman

HL classes...matter . or nah?

Item added by Caitlin Smith

HL classes and the debate on the accreditation of these classes and their so called purposed benefit

HL classes...matter . or nah?

Item added by Caitlin Smith

HL classes and the debate on the accreditation of these classes and their so called purposed benefit

Want to Take Your Business to the Next Level? Boost Your Marketing and Coding Skills.

Item added by Tiffany Clark Brumley

As small-business owners and operators we wear many hats and require a great number of skills across a wide range of different disciplines. Many times we are looking for ways to take our business t...

Merchants of Doubt || A Sony Pictures Classics Release

Item added by Tiffany M Reiss, PhD

This is how the science is ignored.

Las Vegas' Homeless Problem Is Partly of Its Own Making - latimes

Item added by Hermes Nettel

A LA Times article about how Las Vegas gambling affects the homeless rates in Southern Nevada. And how the only culprit to blame can be how its very legal to gamble in Las Vegas.

Category 5

Item added by Kwabena

Flexibility testing

What children think, feel and know about throwing overhand.

Item added by Kailey Druffel

This study was conducted to see how children taught different ways to throw, felt about their experience. Also what they liked and disliked about how they were taught, and how important they though...

Exoskeleton Suits Helping the Paralyzed Walk

Item added by Nikolas Stumbaugh

We have been talking a lot in class lately about constraints that can help or hinder you, and also about stability and mobility. I thought this article has a lot to do with different constraints an...

Cameron Hogan Hub -

Item added by Cameron Hogan

Cameron Hogan Hub -

Item added by Cameron Hogan

Longitudinal Data Systems in Education

Item added by Wilford Saunders

Used by WA state ERDC for developing education data

Post #3: Nutrition

Item added by McKenzie Lanier

This website has a lot of many helpful tricks and tips to eating a healthier diet. I really liked how they had multiple different links to pages for different situations, like eating out and how to...

Strength training for kids and development

Item added by Gabe Garay

This video relates to our in class presentations this week on creating a exercise program for kids. It talks about certain activities kids can do to help enhance there human motor development. It a...

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