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Weight Training Impact on Swimming

Weight Training and Its Impact on Swimming -- November 19, 2010 Feature by Michelle Berman, Swimming World intern PISCATAWAY, New Jersey, November 19. WEIGHT training has been done by college and club teams around the world for many years. It has long been known to be how an athlete can improve strength, and thus improve their speed in the water.


Strength training can have different effects and outcomes depending on event and body type. We learned in class that this is determined by the type of muscles we have and are born with, either distance inclined or as a sprinter. 11-02-2013 5:17pm

Comment by Carlee

Or, a nice combination of both. 11-02-2013 7:19pm

I liked the comment that Coach Tufo made about a stronger body being less susceptible to injury. This seems to follow basic logic but for some reason I hadn't thought about strength training as a means of injury prevention before, I had just seen it largely as a means of bulking up. 11-03-2013 10:22pm

Comment by Quinn Kearns

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