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Cocaine and Oreos?

In this study, rats were used to test the effects of Oreos on the brain and whether rats were drawn to the fat and sugar found in this tasty treats. In this study, researchers discovered that Oreos can actually stimulate the pleasure center of rats and cause a higher neuron stimulation than that caused by cocaine or morphine use. Our brain chemistry is responsible for this sort of addiction which is why eating healthy and learning about different foods (especially processed foods) is necessary in order to remain healthy.


I actually saw this yesterday Michael and considered adding it to my Nutrition shelf.  If you look on that shelf, you will find other articles and videos discussing the addictive nature of sugar. 10-17-2013 9:09am

Crazy enough, no one in our family even likes Oreos, which I guess is pretty good considering the latest news. :) 10-17-2013 4:16pm

Comment by John Bilbo

Problem is's not just's any sugary item and so much of our foods now have added sugar we are all addicted.  If you are really interested, I have some great stuff about it on my Nutrition shelf. 10-18-2013 7:07am


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