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What Happens When Monsanto, the Master of Genetic Modification, Decides to Take Nature

Nicholas Cope In a windowless basement room decorated with photographs of farmers clutching freshly harvested vegetables, three polo-shirt-and-slacks-clad Monsanto execu­tives, all men, wait for a special lunch. A server arrives and sets in front of each a caprese-like salad-tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, lettuce-and one of the execs, David Stark, rolls his desk chair forward, raises a fork dramatically, and skewers a leaf.


Very interesting article. I'll keep an eye out for these next time I go to Whole Foods.... hmmm... I wonder if they'll even be there. 01-22-2014 6:18pm

Comment by Daniel Heller

Research your foods, you have the power to play politics where you place your dollar before you buy products. 02-02-2014 10:22pm

Comment by Ryan Clark

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