Classroom Orchestrator Program Spurs Individualized Learning

Lightspeed Systems has debuted a new classroom management tool that helps ensure students are using their mobile devices properly during classroom time.

The new tool, Classroom Orchestrator, offers an easy way to monitor devices and student activities through a centralized dashboard view of the screens of the entire class. Teachers can easily see who is on task as well as who needs help and who is getting ready to move on to the next task. Teachers can then select an individual student for a more detailed view. The option to record what is happening on the screen is also available, offering teachers the ability to individualize instruction as well as maintain student accountability.

Classroom Orchestrator works with the cloud, meaning the program does not need the school’s servers to run. In addition, it runs on low bandwidth, offering a minimal impact on the school’s network.

The tool can also be merged with student information systems in order to allow for more classes and students to be added and provide Children’s Internet Protection Act-compliant filtering. Teachers are also able to quickly see which devices, if any, are not being filtered, offering even more classroom control.

Over the next few months, the company plans on including additional features such as virtual hand-raising, instant chat and live polling.

“Classroom Orchestrator is the next step in successful mobile learning programs,” said Brian Thomas, president of Lightspeed Systems, in a news release. “We want to empower teachers to use mobile devices for learning by making monitoring those devices in the classroom easier. Classroom Orchestrator does that and more.”

The tool is currently available for Windows devices and also comes as part of the company’s Mobile Learning Essentials bundle which combines their web filter that blocks inappropriate content, a mobile manager which allows students to access curriculum from any device at any time with their programs My Big Campus and Classroom Orchestrator.

My Big Campus is a filtered social media and learning management system that currently boasts 5.5 million users worldwide. The program uses a robot mascot named Bob Campus to watch students working collaboratively, ensuring that bullying or sharing of inappropriate information online is not taking place.

“Instead of just giving students information to memorize by rote, which they’ll forget as soon as the test is over, you can put the basic information online and have students dive right in using it to problem-solve and work collaboratively,” said Andy Petroski, director of learning technologies at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Harrisburg, Penn..

“That’s what they’re going to have to do in the workplace. There are very few jobs left in the information age where you just walk in and check off a list of things to do today.”

Lightspeed Systems partners with schools in the creation of a safe, mobile and collaborative environment for learning. The company has a goal of transforming education by connecting people, technology and resources. So far the company’s products have been used by over 25 million students.
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