cooperation and team chemistry

This article talks about the slow start for the cleveland cavaliers, which at the beginnning of the year were set to have a super power team. The root of the issues came from cooperation from each of the teammates, they started 1-3 and the chemistry seemed to be off from the get go. This is something which reminds me of the lakers and other big city markets which have enough money to bring about the best players but that ultimatley does't mean it brings about the best team. This is always something which baffles people becuase on paper, the teams aren't supposed to lose, but through ego's, characteristics and other issues along the way, these teams usually find a struggle unless they all buy in and cooperate on a common goal with eachother. The cavaliers are just the subject matter of this article, but this is a process which has been going on for a long time now in professional sports



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