Importance of Sports Psychology

As the last video for the quarter, I wanted to post this one, since it describes the importance of sports psychology. Before I came to the US, I haven’t heard of sports psychology at all. When I took a psychology class at a community college, I learned that my professor was a sports psychologist for the Mariners. A year later, when visiting my family in Germany, a local soccer team hired a new coach who just came from the United States to Germany. Fans doubted him, since he wanted to revolutionize everything. One of the things he did was bringing several sports psychologists with him when he came to Germany. Since that time, I learned that all soccer teams in Germany hired sports psychologists and it is the norm now, even for second league teams to hire sports psychologists.
When I went to Seattle University I got a chance to take a sports psychology class and learned more about the topic and actually learned how fascinating the topic is. Something else that I learned while taking the class was how applicable many of the topics are to every day life and not just the sports world. Through the lectures, videos and articles I learned things that I can use in my life in order to become a better person and possibly become more successful.



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