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How to Successfully Market Content

I discovered this article on the site Social Media Today. It is one of the sites that pop up on my BuzzFeed account.

From Stanford Smith's Linkedin,Twitter,and the site Pushing Social I discovered that Mr. Smith is very passionate about social media. He has been writing about the uses of social media for a white now and is highly knowledgable about the uses and drawbacks of social media.

The article gave me a step by step approach on how to market specific content on a social media site. From assembling a strategy to building a competent team that has the same goal as mind,to the final stages of promoting your content on social media your customer or the people viewing your content on a blog or other social media medium have to be your primary concern. As Seth Godin put it" Marketing is a content for people's attention".

For me personally I have never used social media very extensively. I didn't even know how to use Vine or Twitter at first for our first project. Personally I think that in whatever Business I do intend to go into I will eventually have to market my products or myself on a site that involves social media. Therefore in order to get more technologically savvy I feel that I should use sites such as Twitter or Linkedin more often in order to become more familiar and beef up on my knowledge of the two for later use.



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