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What is Social Media and Why Does it Matter?

I found this when I searched for social media pertaining to informatics in the Google Search engine. I thought it was relevant because I now know that social media is encompassed under the curriculum of informatics yet I don’t actually know why it matters or how its designation under Informatics came to be.

I was surprised to find that the article was written by the late Dr. Rob Kling who was a Professor at IU in Information Systems and Information Science. He also was an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science. While at IU he also served as the Editor-In-Chief of The Information Society. He was also on the advisory boards of numerous professional journals including the European Journal of CCSW and Information Technology and People.

From the article I learned of a basic definition by which I could understand the significance of social media in informatics. As stated by the article “social informatics is that it identifies a body of research that examines the social aspects of computerization.” The article also describes all the way information can be used in social settings and how the field must account for the different types of settings that social informatics and more specifically social media is being used. The article describes how social interaction through electronic methods can now foster the same trust that a face-to-face meeting would bring which is a new phenomenon that could not have happened in the last century.

Personally I have been involved in social media however, I’ve never truly noticed how my interactions with other people have influenced my relationships with those same people in real life. In order to better understand the inner workings of social media I want to challenge myself to notice what kind of impact social media has on me when I actually interact with team members in real life.


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