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New Telecom Startup Makes Big Money For Investors

My second article is much smaller. Although it is not rich with detail, it does discuss a new tech start up with a rather impressive ripple made in the telecommunications field. Telnyx, a virtual communications firm based in Chicago, has recently made 1.1 million dollars for multiple investors.
In order to research the article’s validity, I looked into the company. I reviewed its website, its Linkedin Profile as well as its employees’ pages. I learned from this article that this company, albeit small, is a force to be reckoned with. They wish to be the premier carrier of telecommunications for businesses around the world and they do so with precision and tenacity.
After reading and reviewing this article and the company mentioned, I will look into applying for an internship there. Coincidentally, I know an employee at the firm, so I will be in contact with him shortly for an informational interview. As an impressive start up, this contact will be key for my IT toolbox. Although skills are important, it’s to know people in the industry.


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