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The Effects of Single Versus Repeated Plyometrics on Landing Biomechanics and Jumping Performance in Men

The effectiveness of plyometric exercises in improving jumping performance has been well documented in a large body of literature [18]. One possible mechanism explaining the efficacy of plyometrics can be associated with specific muscle action called the stretch shortening cycle (SSC). This sequence of intense eccentric (stretch) and concentric (shortening) contraction of a muscle produces large gains in jump height due to energy storage–recoil processes and stretch reflex activation [29]. Typical plyometric exercises include the counter movement jump (CMJ) and the drop jump (DJ). It should be noted that the DJ uses different movement patterns than the CMJ due to shorter contact time [24] and that there is greater contribution of the SSC mechanism for the DJ [13].


This is relevant to class as plyometric work is a very important part of sports training.  I personally use plyometric work  daily in my CrossFit training and power training and uses the 5 principles of biomechanical movement. 12-20-2014 9:09am

Comment by Stacy Schell Poyser


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