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The Apps You Need Now to Keep Your Privacy Intact

I found this article website where my Professor recommended me to look at. She told me this website contains lot of valid informations.
I figure out that this information about keeping your privacy is valid by looking on the author's, Jay Cassano's information in Twitter, Facebook, and his own profile in the fastcolabs. He is a promising journalist that already published many different types of articles that relates to programming, open soure software. Also, his writing has appeared in The Nation, VICE, In These Times, and Al Jazeera America.
The article talks about how we get threatend through cyber attack and hacking. He also talks about how to prevent those hackings by downloading defencing softwares that protects your calss, text messaging, and any other kinds of work you do on your phone. I was really surprised that there are so many different kinds of programs and apps you can use to protect your privacy and valid informations. Especially if you are using an app that relates to your bank account or any other credit card usage, I learned it is really wise to download those apps that Jay recommended for a better safety.
Because I am going to apply to Informatics next year, these kinds of informations help me a lot for choosing my career. I am also interested in computer science and programming so by learning these articles, I can figure out what kinds of apps and programs those the world need and what kind of ways I should think if I wanted to be success in the future.


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