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The 8 Things Technology Wants To Kill Next

I found this article website where my Professor recommended me to look at. She told me this website contains lot of valid informations.

What I did to figure out if this information is valid or not is to look on the author's, Tyler Hayes information through Twitter, his profiles on Fastcolabs. He is an early adopter in a Tech Space and he is a big fun of using new gadgets that comes out. And on his Twitter, he posted many different kinds of articles that many people supported.

On this article, he talks about the 8 things in our life, like PDA, wallet, key/lockers, headphones and etc, will be changed slowly by the new technology that is coming out. For instance, PDA is changed by mobile phones, and smart phones, key and locks for the house is mostly changed to electronic door locks, and for wallets, you can use your phones or any other electronic devices to pay through mobile credit system. And the headphones, they are becoming wireless and becoming smaller and smaler. I think this is all true because as the technology devlops, it is possible to replace it to the old items that we used like newspapers to internet articles and watch to smart phones.

I think this article is important because if I wanted to major in informatics and computer science, it is important to realize what kind of technology is needed in our life in replace of old ones. And this will help me what to choose for my cognate major and what to do as my career in the future.


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