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Why The R Programming Language Is Good For Business

Why The R Programming Language Is Good For Business

I found this article in FastCompany which link was given.

I looked up Tina Amirtha, writer of this article on twitter. On twitter, she introduces that she write about science and technology in variety types of place such as New Statesman, Science, FastCompany, The Atlantic Cities and more. She have two engineering degree so she must be very knowledgeable in this area.

I learned that there was such thing as R programming language which can be very helpful in businesses. Author said R programming language is used in business to manage really big amount of information they have. If I learn R programming language I get to draw cool graph which can be used in many place even as a student. R programming language is also free, open source resource. R is not only used in business, but also places need to analyze data and making software.

I looked up how R is used and saw that it is somewhat similar to Dreamweaver I am using in informatics class. Maybe in the future I might have to work with R. Basically I have to work with command line which can feel uncomfortable but I am already working with command line in informatics. Article introduces R very well. Just by knowing what R is I feel like I am stepping forward.



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