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Adobe's Kickbox

Adobe's Kickbox: The Kit To Launch Your Next Big Idea

I found this article on

I looked at Mark Wilson's bio on fastcompany and found that he has written many articles for this website and other well know websites making him credible.

I learned that Adobe has made has created a Kickbox that is gives to its employees, which contains supplies in order to help its employees to have innovative ideas. Among the supplies is everything a person trying to come up with an idea would need from notebooks and pencils to Starbucks gift cards and even a $1000 prepaid Citi card that can be spent on anything.

This was a clever way to not only get Adobe employees to be more creative, but also gets more people interested to work for them in the future. I will not consider getting a job at adobe after school because it would be a great use of my informatics major and also lets me be creative.


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