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IU researches PARO a Seal-Like Robot to Help Adults with Dementia

I learned about PARO in my Info101 class. We had a guest speaker who led the research come in and explain to us what PARO was and how it helped at a local nursing home. I then searched her experiment and found this article.

This information is valid because it was an actual experiment performed. They conducted this research very carefully and kept record of how the adults with dementia responded to PARO. They have references at the end of the article, and they have conducted past experiments.

This informed me that robotics is vastly expanding and it will soon help in many fields. PARO helped significantly in the nursing home, and may be used more often in other nursing homes. Robots will one day help humans to complete specific tasks.

I may join the robotics club to be able to participate in such experiments. Attending a few club meetings may help me see if this is for me or not. Informatics is more my specialty, but technology is something I love. What would involve technology more than robotics?


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