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Did you Know 2014

I saw this video in my Info101 class. The teachers presented this tous and it was very intriguing.

The information presented in the video isn’t opinion it is factual. The video shows interesting facts about the digital world in 2014. The creator of the video makes a lot of “did you know” videos, and he has reliable information.

This video shows all of the things accomplished within the digital world in 2014 and it shows other facts. It tells that there were 150 million people born last year into a data economy. It explains that technology is focused on the access of data. It explains that India has more honors kids that we have kids in the US. This video has so much interesting information presented in such a neat way.

This video shows how much we have grown already. It explains that we live in a world full of growing technology. We create technology every day; we are making the changes in society.


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