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Call for Research Applications – Spring 2015

We are pleased to announce a call for applications for research fellowships to lead and oversee research in these areas. Research fellows will occupy full-time positions with the Tow Center, and direct the course of research projects in their area of specialization.

Audiences and Engagement
Participatory journalism, social journalism, crowdsourcing, open journalism: there are many ways of describing the new pact between the journalist and the audience they seek to engage and inform through new platforms and tools. With experiments taking place in newsroom comment systems and social platforms, publishers are grappling with how to evaluate the direct relationship with audiences. As some news organisations withdraw from commenting or outsource their interactions to other social platforms, we see this area as needing far more research to examine questions such as, What are best practices? Do news organisations which employ more engagement tools improve key metrics? When data scraping is more efficient than crowdsourcing, what is the future of participatory techniques and social media teams?



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