How To Map Out Your Decision Making

http://www.fastcompany.com/3028086/leadership-now/how-to-map-out-your-decision-making (Links to an external site.)

I found this article while browsing FastCompany.

I viewed Faisal Hoque's LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles. These profiles share his history, provide links to articles he has written or been featured in. They also share his experience with entrepreneurship and how he started multiple businesses.

I thought this was a really interesting article because it gave me new decision making ideas. His three main suggestions were: spot the problem, focus on emotional state, and map out the decision. These three suggestions will make it easier for one to make the right decisions.

In everyday life we will always have to make decisions, whether is what to eat for breakfast or choosing a major. And just like everyday life I will be using my decision making skills in the Media School. I am going to meet with my Media School advisor to decide which path best suits me. I am also going to meet with a career advisor so I can decide on possible future careers. Lastly, I am going to talk to some more people about informatics to decide whether or not it is truly for me or not (because I have been back and forth on the idea).



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