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Toys and Children's Development

This article elaborates on topics we have discussed in class this week about using toys for children's development. The article explains that though expensive and elaborate toys are marketed for children, homemade toys can be just as effective. These toys will be cost efficient, safe, and readily available to make with simple household materials. The homemade crafts can also be easily modified to the child as they grow and develop different skills. For example, if blocks were made for them to play with and they suddenly began to have an interest in animals, then pictures or drawings of common animals could be added to the blocks. The article also emphasizes that toys must be made in accordance to the skill the child needs skill building with. Textural fabrics can be added to improve fine motor skills and hiding games can be introduced to promote cognitive skill building. Overall, I think this article is very beneficial to read, especially if you are a teacher or parent.


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