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Stress and Health

This scholarly article talks about different stressors such as traumatic events, violence, pressure, job and marital issues, and many others which can create a stressful environment for individuals. We talked about psychological health this week, focusing a lot on stress, and I think this article relates because it identifies determinants of stress that can either be controlled or not controlled. Also, it talks about moderations of stress and how that can be okay for even the healthiest individuals, but when it becomes extreme and alters someone's daily life it needs to be taken seriously as a severe problem. Traumatic events as a child can lead to increased stress later in life, as well as a traumatic event happening in adulthood that can trigger stress even if they never had symptoms of problematic stress before. Biologically, the article talks about how we are programmed to deal with stressors, but at certain points it becomes too much. Just like we talked about resiliency, our bodies can adapt to changes and do its best to handle whatever is thrown at it, considering the circumstances. I thought the conclusion of the article was informative as it talks about how society creates stressors that we choose not to recognize and change, but instead we just become accustom to them and adapt in the best way possible, individually. For some people that's easy, for others it's extremely difficult and can cause chronic problems.


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