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Health and Resilience (tips)

This short article related to one of the most important concepts we talked about in class; resilience. I totally agree with Dr. Reiss about resilience being one of two most important things when it comes to health and wellbeing. No matter how good life is, there is always going to be traumatic, stressful, emotional events, whether they are expected or not. With strong resilience comes the ability to function normally and handle every day situations like normal, despite whatever struggles are going on behind the scenes. This article gives some tips about building stronger resilience, which I think can help anybody in need of support. A combination of two tips is being proactive and getting connected to something or someone. Instead of ignoring problems, being proactive to solve them or creating stronger relationships with friends, family and loved ones can help someone cope in difficult times. One of the most important tips is making everyday meaningful, just like we talked about Russell Wilson being the best he can be everyday. If you approach everyday with a goal to complete something, that will lead to a sense of accomplishment that makes you feel good about yourself. That also means taking care of yourself by doing something that is important to you, or getting something done for yourself. Taking care of yourself also means getting away and relaxing every once in a while, or finding that escape that clears your mind from the fast pace of everyday life and society. Another tip this article gave, is to remain hopeful. No matter how bad things get, they can always get better. The worse things get means they can only get that much better. That's how I try to view situations, and that has given me a pretty strong sense of resilience which I credit a lot of my success to.


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