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Type A/B Personality

After we talked about different personality types in class on Wednesday, it got me thinking about different traits of each type and which one I classify as. So I just did a simple Google search and this research was interesting to me because it tied back to stress as well. I still don't know which personality type I relate the most with, because on one hand I'm organized, driven and like to control some things; but I'm also pretty laid back, easy going and roll with the punches when it comes to other things. I think it's possible to have a mixture of both, and it is very individualized. However, after reading this article it made me want to pursue more Type B, because of the detrimental effects Type A can have on someone's health. Type A can cause people to be extremely stressed and that may lead to coronary disease and high blood pressure, which isn't as common for Type B personalities. That sounds bad, but like we talked about in class I also think it's good to have a little bit of stress to keep yourself on top of things. Otherwise there is no organization or structure and rolling with the punches could lead to worse places.



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