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Communicating in a relationship

As we talked about in class, and just about every study I've looked at says communication is one of the most important components of a healthy relationship. However, it's also one of the leading causes of breakups and divorces, because couples don't know how to communicate with each other well. Most people think communicating is just talking to each other, but I liked the box in this short article that talks about listening. Listening is just as important and is more than just letting what your partner says go in one ear and out the other. I think body language and attentiveness is maybe even more important, because it shows you care and are interested in what the person is saying. Everybody is different, but a certain level of compromise and sacrifice has to be reached to create a healthy balance of talking and listening. If a problem persists then some problem solving steps might be necessary, which this article also talks about. Little things like respecting opinions and issues can be so simple, but also something we all take for granted that may lead to relationship issues.



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