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Media impact on relationships

Relationships are widely based off what we think is realistic, and the media has a huge impact on what we perceive as a "good relationship". This article says we spend about 41 hours a week on technological devices which fill us with marketing ploys and inevitably show us some kind of romantic add or image. What most people fail to understand is that what the media portrays, isn't the true reality of relationships. All they show us is happiness, money, travel, and all the good times that we picture as love. However, most relationships endure hard times, boring moments and struggle through daily life. That doesn't mean their relationship is bad, but when we compare ourselves to the media then it can cause relationship problems. Society creates unrealistic expectations that make people feel insecure about their own relationships. It's sad, but it's hard to see these images changing any time soon. However, our perception and ideas about what we see and believe can be changed.



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