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Sexual assault prevention strategies

After talking about sexual assault and realizing that it is a big problem on college campuses, I wanted to look at what prevention strategies work and what doesn't work so well. Interestingly enough, the one time information session that I remember going through as a freshman here at WSU, along with everybody else as far as I'm aware, doesn't work at all. They usually raise awareness, but they haven't shown lasting effects on behaviors. What was shown to work is prevention programs which are implemented back in middle and high school. They were a curriculum filled with multiple sessions over a long period of time, instead of everything thrown at the person at once. This showed improved behavior and awareness four years later, with these people significantly less likely to be perpetrators or victims of sexual assault or violence. This was interesting to me and shows that although this is a college issue, it needs to be addressed much earlier on to raise awareness and implement strategies that students can use to avoid and prevent sexual assault and violence for the rest of their lives.


I think that we also need to look at what we are teaching children.  Like boys hurting girls because the boys like the girls.  I think that we also need to be looking at what we are telling our children like is it ok to kiss someone without their permission. I think at we need to change. 05-03-2016 6:18pm

Comment by Taylor Smith


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