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I had never heard of obesogens before, so I wanted to dive into that area a little more. I read some other stuff, but I liked this article because it was concise, telling what obesogens are, where they can be found, their affects and more. I thought they would just be things we eat, but they can be found in many plastics, cosmetics, household cleaners, fabrics and many more. We can also simply breathe them in, which is kind of intimidating since we don't have much control over that. One thing that sticks out the most to me is the reoccurrence of emphasizing that exercise and diet alone can't be responsible for obesity. I've heard this multiple times, and it was evident when this article stated that even 6 month old babies are heavier than they used to be, as well as laboratory rats that are being fed and controlled the same way they used to be. It's scary to think about obesogens and other chemicals because it all seems like a giant mystery and we don't really know what we are putting in our bodies at all times.



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