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Gambling addiction in college

Maybe it's because I've never really gambled in my life, but I never realized that gambling is such a high prevalence addiction in college students. I figured that with students taking big loans and penny pinching to pay for rent or buy groceries, that people would be smarter and not throw more money away that could be used for much better things. However, that is not the case and particularly in this article they state that the prevalence of gambling is about 3 times higher than that of the general population. That's astonishing to me, and it seems to be a serious problem that only makes college students rack up more debt and spiral downward. I sadly think rates of gambling must be going up even more with all the online access to gambling sites and games that students find intriguing and exciting. I also think alcohol also plays a factor. Students are probably more likely to gamble more when playing cards around friends and alcohol, or more willing to keep gambling at a casino if they're under the influence.



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