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    Health and Wellness

Tips for heart attack prevention

I liked this because it provides short and to the point tips that the average person can understand to help prevent heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. The typical changes like increased exercise and better nutritional diet seem to be the most obvious, but I also liked the other tips like stop smoking, limit alcohol, and reduce stress. This involves different aspects of the health and wellness field, which can not only help someone live a healthier lifestyle, but will also hopefully help decrease the risk for CVD. The short ABC acronym in the picture is a very simple and easy way for someone to understand what they can do to lower their risk of cardiovascular diseases. It stands for avoiding tobacco, becoming more active, and choosing good nutrition. Genetics and other factors play a role in CVD, so using these tips won't necessarily stop someone from having a heart attack, but it is something that can be physically controlled to help limit the chances of CVD.



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