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    Creating Wellness

Involving the whole community in creating wellness

Who knew? If you involve everyone in the community in healing processes, everyone benefits. I know this sounds a little bit like socialism or communism, and we are constantly having issues with things like establishing universal health care in the U.S., let alone mental health care. But I believe that it is important to involve the entire community, family, group, clan, tribe, etc. in health care treatments, especially in terms of mental health care. For various reasons, there are so many folks who are afraid to come forward and be diagnosed and treated so they can be well and live a healthy life. This is not something that is happening in a far-off, 3rd-world country; this is happening everywhere. Suffering is inevitable. However, the way we approach suffering, in this case mental health in particular, can be effectively managed based on how treatment and prevention are approached socially and culturally. If we unite together with a common goal of compassionately healing others and treat our community as if they were extended family members, the entire community as a whole will benefit. Interesting TED talks about some experiements that demonstrate the effectiveness of involving community members in health care treatment programs versus relying on health-care professionals alone, which can be few and far-between, especially in rural areas...



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