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It's Not A Diet, It's A Lifestyle

After watching that video today, "Food Inc.", it really made me realize that money to many people in the food industry is a bigger concern than protecting and providing quality foods to people. It is also no big secret that our food industry has turned to refined sugars and processed/modified foods. The good news out of that is that it does look like we've improved a little bit from 2008! I posted this article in regards to the "paleo diet" because I am somebody who follows it with a little modification to it. I like to call it "paleo-esque". From this article, you learn what the diet consists of and if there are any possible health benefits. As somebody who kind of follows it, I do not like how there is a lack of dairy and most nuts. I do however like how it strays away from refined foods and stays toward natural products (grass fed beef, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and usually sweet potatoes). I use this as a blueprint and add dairy into my diet as well as some breads and spreads (almond butter). I believe it is very important to eat natural but you can't just neglect one entire part of nutrition. Balance is important.


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