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Meat is Carcinogenic?

This is not the exact article but it is closely related to the one I came across earlier in the week that sparked interest and curiosity. King 5 news had came out with a segment stating that new studies have been linking red meats to be carcinogenic. Of course being a person who eats meat, I decided to read it. After finishing the article, I do agree with the fact that how meat is processed and the way it can influence our hormones could be cancerous but it is also important for everybody to realize that there are a lot of things that contain carcinogenic properties. Tobacco, alcohol, the pollutants from the air we breathe, etc. I can see how the two correlate but there is no way specifically that we can say it will outright cause. Our ancestors could have possibly passed down genes that were more susceptible to cancer and as a child we could've possibly been exposed to certain things. The important thing is to remember everything needs to be done in moderation.


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