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Carbon Footprint From Cattle Has Actually Decreased Over The Years

This article was very interesting because it demonstrated that the carbon footprint from cattle and livestock has actually decreased over the years. A professor from Washington State University has been studying this phenomenon and has stated that we have been able to reduce it from the advancement in technology. Her idea is that we have been able to yield more out of each item (cattle) that there is less going to waste. The problem I begin to notice is the fact that this could have potential detrimental effects on people's health. We are using synthetic hormones to produce more meat, milk, eggs, etc. per one cow or chicken which is healthier for the environment but we can't say the same for us. It looks as if this whole thing is a balancing act. Another important thing this article states is that cattle is not the main problem in regards to the carbon footprint. The amount of gas emissions produced from transportation and factories is way more than the food itself. I mean look at Volkswagon recently.


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