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    Sports psychology

Is Sports Psychology The Missing Ingredient Or Is There More?

Coaches, parents and athletes around the world, are really coming around to the idea of the importance of mental training in sports. Learning basic sports psychology tools and hiring sports psychologists to work with teams, is getting more and more popular among coaches and schools.

There are some commonly taught sports psychology techniques that help improve athletes' mental toughness and confidence. They include things like goal setting, visualization, positive self-talk and developing performance routines.


I really like this video it talks about how athletes get anxiety with the military style of motivation and says how emotions can bring out a better athlete while maintaining extreme focus. 10-11-2015 8:20pm

Comment by jose ubaye

I like how he breaks it up into the conscious and unconscious mind.  Breaking it down like that makes it easy to understand how goal setting, visualization and other techniques can be really helpful. 12-11-2015 4:16pm

Comment by Claire Williams

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