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Is The United States Medical Industry Really Superior Than Other Cultures?

This book is written by a Professor at Washington State University, Marsha Quinlan, and she did a study on the culture of a Dominican tribe with an emphasis on their use of medicine. She provides details with what she did there, what the environment was like and the type of culture that was present. Quilan focused on the medical aspect stating that most of the medicine there was herbal remedies that only the Shaman of the tribe new about. These remedies have worked for thousands of years in there tribe but why do we as American's think they are less inferior? Have we just been around our culture for so long that we have acclimated to these notions? Quinlan, an ethnobotanist, gathered information from the tribe on the name of plants, what they were used for and what they looked like. She opens this possibility up that there might be cures out there for diseases that we don't know about but small tribes in third world countries do.


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