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    Refugees and Migration

Inankul, H. 2016, "An Analysis On The Impact Of The Syrian Refugees On Turkey's Security With The Main Subjects Of Migration And Criminal Acts", European Scientific Journal, vol. 12, no. 5.

Migration, with its basic expression, is the act of people to move from their locations to another location due to economic, social, political and cultural motives. It is possible to describe the act of more than two million Syrian migrants to leave their country and come to Turkey as a forced migration due to political motives in time of civil war. The needs of Syrian refugees such as shelter, health, education, feeding are met in line with the universal refugee rights. Many studies dealing with the impact of Syrian migrants on the economic, political, cultural and social lives of Turkey have been conducted. However, scientific studies on whether Syrian refugees have the potential to pose a threat to Turkey's security are quite limited. In a country which shelters more than two million migrants, it is highly important to understand the impact of these people on the country's security and to take measures against possible threats to the security (if any). The aim of the study is to reflect the impact of Syrian migrants on Turkey's security. For this reason, at first the phenomenon of migration was discussed in detail and the relationship between migration and crime (if any) was discussed. Then, the legal status of Syrian refugees and their impact on Turkey's security were discussed in detail. The study is limited to the impact of Syrian refugees on internal security and the matters of domestic migration and external security lie beyond the scope of this study. Literature survey was used as the method in the study. It is possible to point out the potential of the study to contribute in the literature and the field.


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