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    Health and Wellness

Farming: Past versus Present

Within the last 200 years agriculture has drastically changed, going from 90% of the U.S. population living on farms and producing their own food to 2% that produce their own food. Although the amount of farming in the U.S. today is extremely low, the improvements in technology have allowed farmers to feed up to 155 people compared to 19 people in the past. Changes in equipment has also made a huge impact on the way farmers can farm and grow food. In the past, field work by hand or horse-drawn equipment were the common ways to farm but now a days most farmers use tractors and other motorized equipment to help with the field work. There are many other reasons to why farming has drastically changed over the years, but the main concept to take away from this is that more people are consuming processed foods and GMO’s. It’s important to take into consideration your dietary choices because in order to live a healthy life and have positive well-being, your body needs to be in a good state as well. Nutrition goes all the way back to the Wellness Wheel, if your Physical body isn’t up to par then your mental state will suffer as well. Everyone has different reasons for the way they eat, but I feel that people really need to be more aware of what they are taking in on a day to day basis. The more knowledgeable you are about your body, the more likely you will live a long and happy life.



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