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    Health and Wellness

Week 3 Psychological health

This may be the longest video I post, it is a recorded lecture of a health and psychology class. It seems that for this college, the ideas we are learning about this week is full Psychology course that ties Psychology into the larger field of Health. I think that for our class we are learning that our health is affected by psychology, where as this course says psychology affects our health. I think it is important to recognize the difference, that for WSU psychology is the passive variable and the controlled variable. I think that this class is saying much of the same things our course discusses, but with a larger importance on maintaining psychological health. I think for our course and this college lecture we are taking away the same message, but I couldn't answer myself which perspective is more correct? That is to say, which is more important for overall health? Healthy mind or healthy body? I would say healthy mind, which is the emphasis of this lecture, but perhaps someone disagrees.


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