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    Motor Development

What children think, feel and know about throwing overhand.

This study was conducted to see how children taught different ways to throw, felt about their experience. Also what they liked and disliked about how they were taught, and how important they thought it was to learn to throw overhand. This study used two different methods to test which method proved most effect in teaching children to throw properly.


This experiment is a great way in assessing the way children learn to do a task correctly and how they feel about learning important motor skills. 02-28-2016 9:21pm

Comment by Kailey Druffel

This relates to class because we were talking about the steps children go through to learn how to throw. This article not only elaborates on what we learned, but we also get to read how the children feel about completing this task. 02-28-2016 9:21pm

Comment by Kailey Druffel