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Zika Virus

This Zika Virus article pertains to a virus that was mentioned in class. The virus doesn't do much to most people, but to babies that haven't been born yet, the virus could cause abnormally small heads--a defect known as microcephaly. This is an interesting article for me because my sister-in-law, who is getting her doctorate in Anthropology, has gone to Africa the past few years and will continue to go to Africa this year, and as she and my brother just got married they might be thinking about having kids so this caught my attention.


This article is a great topic as we just talked about the virus in class and how dangerous it is becoming. One question is posed for me was how the virus made its way into the Western Hemisphere, as it had not been a threat anywhere besides mostly Africa until about a year ago. 01-30-2016 8:20pm

Comment by Bobby Figueras


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