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    Heatlh and Wellness

Exposure to death and dying can have a positive impact, experts argue...

The impact of death and dying can be positive or negative on health professionals lives. There was an experiment done on those who work in a hospital and how being around death so much has affected their life. Some say positively and some say negatively and this article goes over how it can affect some differently.


In class we discussed the difficulty of coping with death. In a working environment where death happens everyday such as in a hospital, it was interesting to read this article and hear what some nurses and surgeons had to say about how they deal with death. 05-01-2016 9:21pm

Comment by Katie bucy

In the west we shy away from death. It is never talked about and we try to hide it. This article is interesting because it talks with and sees how death affects someone who cannot escape it's icy grip. 05-03-2016 9:09am

Comment by Benjamin Arger

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