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Week 7 Post 2

This articles tells the cruel story of slaughterhouse animals. These animals face so many horrible things all because the animal farms want to maximize output with little costs. I was very surprised to read that chickens are given so much antibiotics and drugs to make them grow bigger and faster to the point where their legs can’t support their bodies. They end up dying because they can’t get up to get food or water. I also can’t believe that animals that don’t produce enough milk or eggs are transported to slaughterhouses in extreme weathers. They’re not given any food or water, no warmth in the cold weather, or no cold in the hot weather. If they die in the transportation process, that’s all the better since that saves time because they don’t need to be killed, according to this article. The animals that are still alive have their necks either broken or slit. Many are still alive and conscious when they are being skinned, defeathered, or hacked apart. How sad and horrible is that. It makes me want to become a vegan.


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