Body Composition Methodologies

This article connects back to this weeks lab as we learned about body composition methodologies. When you get tested for your body composition, , methodologies obtain data on various functions and characteristics comprising the "body composition" of people. We learned about the different types of samples taken and outcomes observed in the numerous methodologies that is observed during a body composition test. Anthropometry is the measurement of body parts. It is completed on all participants at a variety of ages and growth ranges. Circumferences, bone breadths, lengths, weights and skinfolds are measured and recorded for various regions on each individual. Another type would be Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA). This is performed on participants who fit the height and weight parameters of the Lunar densitometer. By scanning different anatomical regions, total body as well as segmented determinations may be made for, among other variables, bone mineral content, bone mineral density, muscle mass and percent of body fat. These two types of body composition are important to me because now I have a better understanding what will be going on during my future body composition testing.



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