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Elastography for Muscle Biomechanics: Toward the Estimation... : Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews

Hug, François 1,2; Tucker, Kylie 2,3; Gennisson, Jean-Luc 4; Tanter, Mickaël 4; Nordez, Antoine 1 INTRODUCTION Because of muscle redundancy, even single-joint motor tasks can be produced theoretically by an infinite number of muscle force combinations. Understanding how the central nervous system manages force sharing between muscles will provide fundamental information for fields such as motor control, biomechanics, and robotics.


This research study takes a look at the different forces muscles go under and what the effects are on them.  I specifically enjoyed their focus on electrostimulation on the muscle and how that effects it. 07-31-2016 9:09am

Comment by Justin Jacobs

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