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    Motor Development

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

This article connects well to the lecture we went over in class on chapter 13. Self-esteem is Person’s belief in correctness of self-evaluation more important than accuracy of self-evaluation (Weiss, 1993). In this article it goes in depth about the effects of low and high self-esteem. I saw how low self-esteem can be seen in many different and for many different reasons. This could be from a deeply rooted event or have its origins in traumatic childhood experiences such as prolonged separation from parents or other forms of abuse.


This article is interesting because it portrays the way different people act and socialize based on there self-esteem. Someone with a high-self esteem may perform better than a person with low-self esteem because of there background at home. 11-06-2016 7:19pm

Comment by Allyson Scott

I really liked this article because it explains reasoning behind why many people suffer from self-esteem issues. It also goes into ways that one can boost their own, so it's not something that has to stick with you, though it may be a result of a traumatic childhood experience. 11-06-2016 9:21pm

Comment by Natalie Watson


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